Our History

SACUTEX was founded in 1976 on the initiative of Mr. Flavio Baldan.
Thanks to a deep knowledge of the entire production process of the shoe, he was able to dedicate himself with great passion to the production of shoe insoles and anatomically shaped footbeds.

The extensive experience gained in the sector allows SACUTEX to propose to its customer itself as a consultant that is able to carry out the best solutions for the realization of a shoe that is aesthetically pleasing and convenient, comfortable and healthy.

Our Mission

SACUTEX goals have always been comfort and well-being.
According to our idea our customers are not just manufacturers to whom we have to supply components, but they are companies for which SACUTEX invests resources and efforts for the study and development of proper solutions to match their needs. Therefore the final output is the realization of a component that first of all represents a solution to a problem.

Thanks to this philosophy, over the years many projects have been implemented and they have been patented different types of articles specifically for our customers, who recognize in SACUTEX the right partner for ongoing and long-lasting collaboration.