They are one of the structural parts of each shoe and according to the purpose for which they are intended, they are realized with different materials and characteristics, such as different density and thickness. These insoles are particularly contributing to form the technical characteristics of the shoe that will include them.

A shoe for mountaneering, for example, uses an insole of a certain thickness so that confers rigidity to the boot that contains it and at the same time guarantees the flow rate of the weight of the person wearing it during the roughest passages while climbing.

On the other hand a trekking shoe will have to combine robustness and  flexibility: then a thinner but particularly elastic  insole would be more appropriate.

Thanks to an important width of the range, SACUTEX manufactures insoles for special outdoor footwear, from trekking to mountaineering, for particular sports activities footwear, such as cycling and motocross, for work footwear and finally for  footwear used in military and special forces, such as the police or fire brigade.

There are also structural insoles for the normal everyday shoes.